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Motivational Speaker

The techInfuse forum is a series of conferences and workshops where the topic is the fusion of information technology and traditional industries. Our goal is to educate professionals about how the integration of technology in their respective industries can lead to exponential growth and efficiency.

Our Tech fusion speeches have seen successful turnouts in Prague, Belgrade, and Budapest. We are excited to announce that the next individual conference series and workshops are held in Vienna, Austria. 


Tech meets X – a book compiling our insightful public talks, interviews, and professional publications on the integration of technology in various industries across the Globe.

Coming September '24


The topics we discuss at our individual event series


Our conferences aim to create a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between technology experts and professionals from traditional industries, fostering discussions on innovation, challenges, and opportunities in this evolving landscape

  • Industry Professionals: Executives, managers, and professionals from traditional industries such as real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, agriculture, retail, energy, legal, education, entertainment, transportation, supply chain, construction, and telecommunications.

  • Tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Individuals involved in developing and implementing technology solutions tailored to traditional industries.

  • Investors and Venture Capitalists: Those seeking opportunities in tech-driven transformations of traditional sectors.

  • Researchers and Academics: Scholars and researchers interested in understanding the impact of technology on various industries.

  • Government Representatives: Officials and policymakers keen on understanding how technology is shaping and influencing policy-making in different sectors.

  • Startups and Small Businesses: Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to leverage technology to innovate in their respective fields.

  • Consultants and Advisors: Professionals offering expertise on digital transformation, innovation, and industry-specific technology solutions.

  • Students and Educators: Those interested in learning about the future landscape of different industries and how technology is shaping career paths.

  • Technology Providers and Service Companies: Companies offering technological solutions tailored to traditional industries, like software developers, IoT providers, AI companies, and more.

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Interested in speaking at or sponsoring one of our future events?

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